How to Light a Cigar

The technique for lighting cigars is different from cigarettes due to the difference
from in diameter between the two distinctly different types of smokes, and the burning properties of their wrappers. The wrapper for a cigarette is bone dry paper. It burns immediately. The wrapper for a cigar is a tobacco leaf, that hopefully, isn't too dry.

The diameter of cigars are larger than cigarettes, and although some cigars are very thin, the genuine cigars aren't. The diameter of a cigar, or ring size, is larger that the flame of your match.

Cigars can be improperly lit, meaning usually, that some portion of the end of the cigar lights, and burns, while other portions are yet to be lit. This leads to a malformed coal, affecting the flavor, and could lead to runs or tunneling. You don't want that on a smoke that cost you from 3 to 15 dollars.

God knows how poor a showing it is to light a perfectly good cigar in front of your friends, or at the smoke shop, and mess it all up. The objective is to start a cigar coal burning the full area of the cigar end.

So, here is what you should do to prep the end of the cigar before you start toking away at it. Even before you put the cigar to your lips, light the match and uniformly char the cigar end. It shouldn't take but 3 or 4 seconds to get that done. Then, with that same match, you can proceed to toke on the cigar, holding the flame of the match in front of the charred end It can be done with one match.

Like most everything else, it benefits from a little practice before you do it in front of a critical audience, lookin' sauve & debonaire, as if it was effortless.

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