First Pics from Dino-Lite

This is the 1st pic I took of my new Enzo Trapper, flat ground, D2 knive edge with my newly unpacked Dino-Lite AM-2011 digital microscope.    The software was as quick 'n' simple as can be to install on my older Dell WinXP computer.   After installing the software, I plugged the scope into my USB extension cord and it's LED lights lit up.   So far as I can tell, the scope is turned off and on by plugging and unplugging into the USB port.    The software left an icon on my desktop, so I clicked on it, and the program page appeared with a 640x480 box.   I aimed my scope at my finger and the pic was seen in the box, so I pulled out my new knife and inspected the edge.   I laid the knife on the table, and held the scope with one hand.   I quickly focused it and inspected my knife edge.  There are coordination techniques to be learned, it plain to see, but the pic was steady enough to take a snap shot.  The grain of the steel looked different depending on the angle of the scope and object.   I would say it was only a matter of a couple of minutes from the time I popped the CD into my computer and I took this pic.   There are many options to choose from in this microscope program that I will later sample.  This is my 1st impression and so far,  I'm very satisfied.  More pics to come.   


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