Bravo1 3V edge

I bought a Bravo1 CPM 3V knife off of eBay, from a private party.  The knife seems to be unused.  There are issues with this knife.  The handle is ugly.   This is not an issue with me.  The handle is smooth.  This might be an issue.  I will pay attention to it when I use it.    The knife is made of CPM 3V and is considered to be a chippy steel.   This might be an issue, for long term survival situations, or when dressing game, but as a car camper, I expect this knife to keep it's edge even after much wood processing.  Later, back home, I can sharpen the knife with sandpaper if necessary.    The knife is heavy, and here is an Xray pic, taken by virtuovice, of the Bravo1 3V versus the Bravo1 A2.  The 3v version is a full ounce heavier.

When I got the knife, I worried that it might have a micro V bevel, which I think would make if difficult to
sharpen in the field.  With my new microscope I now can determine what is going on with knife edges.
The above pic shows that my Bravo1 3V knife came with a convex edge.

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